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Bertram AMORTH

Owner & Country Manager



Bertram AMORTH, born in Innsbruck, is shareholder of our consulting firm. Today he is living with his family in Italy.

Several of his business activities lead Bertram AMORTH since a long time through the international scene of motorsports - a scene where also the General Manager from GTF, DI Gabriel  KOLLAR, has had a formerly active international career. This way Bertram Amorth supplies high-tech engine testing equipment to motorsport departments of various car companies and racing teams.

In addition to these business activities, that involve constant travelling between Italy, Austria and Germany for Bertram Amorth, he also represents the interests of
GTF in Italy. With his sports spirit he supports his team at GTF with the highest possible standard on precision, seriosity and professionalism.

It is self understood that Bertram Amorth is always available for our clients' requests and supports all of us with his enormous experience.

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