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Eleonora LENDER

Head of Consulting Gastronomy & Real Estate






Eleonora LENDER, born as one of 4 children in the idyllic Lockenhaus / Burgenland, visited the Gymnasium in Oberpullendorf / Burgenland. Later she also received the Austrian National Diploma as trained resale salesman and as restaurateur, both with decoration.

As enthusiastic restaurateur she started her impressive career as chief in various gastronomic enterprises, each with individual and different challenges just to pushed those to top locations. No matter if these firms were stand-alone locations or complete groups with many locations, the successes of Eleonora LENDER are unique up to now.

Her excellences are cost accounting, personnel (or hr-)management, relationship management to suppliers, procurement management and above all: restructuring or turn-arounds. There is not one single department or area in gastronomy that Eleonora LENDER is not mastering in a most impressive and perfect way. With her network of specialists, international know-how and impressive high level of reputation Eleonora LENDER leads the department of Gastro-Consulting at GTF with great competence, vision and maximum commitment. Her constant training had her finish lately the Austrian Academy for Controlling.

Under the leadership of Eleonora LENDER - also known as "Miss ELLY" - any of your questions, problems and challenges out of gastronomic issues will be answered and solved in a most efficient way with the highest possible motivation of your employees as very important part of your success.

As latest competence Eleonora LENDER was trained as specialist for HCG-Diet and is now leasing consultant with Dr. Sylvia ORASCHE in her own institute for Aestehtic Medicine in Vienna.

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