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GTF Holding is specialized in ideal structuring of commercial financing considering and bearing all issues of optimized financial management. As independent consulter we are surrounded by a top network of capital partners which we integrate when solving financing challenges. This way we understand ourselves as experienced and professional optimizers with substituted or complementary solutions.

Even or especially in those areas that are usually not covered by "regular" capital partners the team GTF Holding often is successful as so called "niche player". It is our dedication to make the impossible still become possible and at the same time improve the rating of your firm.

The best variants of financing, matched by the individual task profile of your firm, will be introduced by our team. Completed by our know-how we assist you (or even take over ourselves) in the ideal configuration and design of the presentation of your written financing concept in order to very likely achieve successful realization. Team GTF Holding accompanies the clients all the way to the independent decision making on the side of the potential capital partners, no matter if they are institutional of private oriented.

The expertise of our specialists will definitely be used to the advantage of your firm. GTF Holding is one of the leading professionals for structuring commercial financing as well as for all commercial financing management issues - not as simple brokers for some projects but as competent specialists with the right view as large.

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