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The market has changed. Not the ownership counts but the economic interests - and this is exactly where the team of GTF provides unbeatable know-how from its expertise in commercial financing management: not simply financing but Leasing with concrete added value. This also goes for leasing financing for new investments as well as for sale &l ease-back or sale & hire purchase.

Of course it usually it is not such a big challange for companies to turn to any leasing company to finance the investments. Almost any bank owns such leasing providing companies. Yet our assignment as independent consulters to find the best form of leasing financing primarily in favour of the clients from the overall view of an ideal financing management. Because of our wide experience we have the unique competence and know-how so we will find the ideal solution for your individual requirements for you, far away from simply basic knowledge but using the very profound knowledge of the financing instrument LEASING and its real possibilities or chances.

In the variety of leasing financing providers we look at ourselves as specialists for the full spectrum of individual and contemporary commercial financing solutions for the leasing of mobiles, immobiles for commercial use, for communities and investors - also beyong our country's borders. It speaks for itself to take advantage of our experienced network of international leasing partners to stay flexible, to be able to plan safely and to stay on top of any technical development.

Leasing contracts should be as flexible as your business and we make sure that this is the case for you. It is our job to show you the ideal preconditions of the potential leasing investor in respect of your individual needs and financial possibilities such as deffered payment based upon seasonal or utilization conditions, etc.

What we can do for you and how you can profit using our services? Together with you we will find the best matching financing concept for the growth of your business.
This is simplyfied what we will do for you.

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