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Marketing is an indispensable and therefore essential instrument for a long term success of any company which often decides or at least influences success or failure of a business.

Marketing is the overall corporate management at which always is a product or a service in the center of that needs to be marketed.

The team members of GTF have the experience of successful mentoring of highly reputated clients of the most different business areas. Since most of the time in small and mid sized firms the owner himself stand behind their marketing plans automatically the companies - and at the same the entrepreneur - becomes very often condemned as untrustworthy.

GTF-International guarantees to especially those companies that the clients and their customers will be satisfied on a long term base. Our team supports you at the proper corporate management from the right marketing point of view. It is our duty, to counsel you generating realistic and successful concepts for a focused and systematic market influence via applicable marketing instruments on a professional base.

PROMOTION is not equal MARKETING! Promotion is part of marketing. Marketing is the overall view of a business on the market. The right evaluation of your market, the generating of successful strategies of market, product and price as well as the evaluation of competition strategies are our passion!

We offer our know-how to you for your own personal success.

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